Gift Package or.. maybe you deserve a bit of special attention?

So many of us never take the time to spoil ourselves and we certainly deserve it.  It is time for you to take some time for your crowning glory – your hair or even your scalp.  We have so many Hair and Scalp treatments that not enough people take advantage of!
Take 45 minutes and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage, a shampoo and blow-dry, and one of our prescriptive treatments for only $30.00
Is your hair dry and frizzy?  Do you have dry or Oily scalp?  Are you growing your hair and need some TLC for your processed ends?  Almost everyone could use a nice clarifying treatment to remove impurities from our environment – mineral deposits from our well water – or chlorine from our town water or swimming pools
Have a look at the treatments we offer on our service list and let’s book you in today!
We also have package deals you can take advantage of.  Buy a package of 5 treatments for only $125.00 and you have some great treatments to look forward to whenever you feel it is time to care for yourself!